Interpretation for the new millennium; multi media tour guide apps for mobile phones and devices
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Mobile Phone Guided Tours Apps for SmartPhone Interpretation

HDC and Bar-Z Adventures

HDC is proud to introduce the latest in location-based, GPS enabled mobile phone interpretation apps and guided tour technology: GoExplore™ mobile phone interpretation apps and guided tour apps!

HDC is working in partnership with the worlds leading Mobile Phone Tour Guide developer, Bar-Z Adventures who are based in the USA.

What are GoExplore mobile phone interpretation apps and guided tour apps?

GoExplore interpretation apps and tour guide apps are an enterprise software solution that provides a heritage site or destination with a powerful multimedia tour management platform for SmartPhones.

This solution offers visitors either a down-loadable or streamed guided tour application, either as a stand-alone branded app for your heritage site or destination or as an integrated solution available through the GoExplore Tour Guides Player App, that is easily accessible through the iPhone® App Store or Android™ Market.

Visitor Focused Content

You can utilize existing media content or create a whole new tour for visitors to learn more about your venue using their personal mobile device.

The GoExplore tour app platform supports full motion video, slideshows, still images, audio, links to existing URLs, text, and more!

Content is easily managed using the online Tour Builder for instantaneous updates and flexible content control.

This powerful software incorporates Google Maps® for reliable mapping and routing information and an intuitive user interface.

Visitors are self-guided at their own pace using the map, receiving location-relevant multimedia content that you control!

Deliver your message consistently and effectively, in a compelling location-relevant format.


HDC GoExplore Tour Guide System Feature

  • Supports video, audio, still images and test content
  • Easy online Tour Builder software platform Dynamic tour content updates
  • Streaming and download tour options
  • Google Maps® provide easy navigation
  • GPS Proximity content triggering and manual media access options
  • Turn-by-turn routing to points of interest
  • URLs, phone numbers and auxiliary information linked to Points of Interest
  • Special event listings
  • Foreign language and ADA tour options
  • Usage reporting and statistics

Watch the online demonstration...

Watch the informative video brochure about the HDC GoExplore Tour Guide App by clicking the link below...

Click Here!

Tour Applications Include:

  • Historical and Interpretive park and city tours
  • College campus tours for alumni, prospective students and foreign visitors
  • Multi-language tour options
  • Theme park and attraction guides showcasing rides and reviews
  • Behind-the-scenes zoo tours
  • Wayfinding assistance and electronic coupon books for shopping areas
  • In-depth and educational museum exhibit tours
  • Any other type of location based information you would like to deliver!

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