HDC Endura dHPL

HDC Endura Printed Aluminium Interpretation Panels

Introducing HDC EcoGraphic Custom High Pressure Laminate Graphic Panel...

Our Custom High Pressure Laminate (HPL for short) interpretation panels are the toughest, most durable, most vandal proof, most eco friendly, most cost effective interpretation panels on the market!

The fact is, it takes valuable time and money to plan, research, write, illustrate, design, fabricate and install interpretation panels – so you had better make sure its going to be around for a while!

The reality is that many interpretation panel materials we come across are really not fit for purpose.

Most interpretation panels available on the market today are easily damaged; They beach, fade, chip, delaminate, crack, turn milky or opaque, get vandalized....Most interpretation panels just don’t last (see our "Panel Problems" page).

HDC EcoGraphic HPL Graphic Panels interior and exterior grade interpretation panels are different.

HDC EcoGraphic HPL interpretation panels combine the most advanced graphic imaging with the proven durability of advanced "HPL".

Using extreme heat and pressure, the final product is a permanent fusion of image and High Pressure Laminate that can never fade, separate, crack, peel or delaminate.

Our interpretation panels are totally impervious to moisture, and are extremely resistant to UV rays, heat, cold, scratching, impact, cigarette burns and graffiti...

...in fact, they’re so durable we guarantee them for a full 10 years!

Even in the harshest conditions, the original beauty of your HDC EcoGraphic HPL interpretation panels will live on and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on...