Evaluating Interpretation: just how interpretive is your interpretation?

Just how interpretive is your interpretation?

Effective interpretation can be a big investment. It costs time, money and effort to plan, research, write, design, test, fabricate and install interpretation, so it seems only be sensible to evaluate whether your time and money is being well spent!

Unfortunately a huge amount of the heritage interpretation we come across isn't actually interpretive and doesn't acomplish anything significant. Heritage interpretation is a very specific way of communicating to an audience and most of the panels and exhibits we come across just don't qualify!

So is your heritage interpretation 'psudo-interpretation' or the real thing?

HDC are leading heritage interpretation evaluators with over 30-years experience evaluating and testing interpretive exhibits and fixing them when they don't work. Contact us if you need an independent evaluation of your interpretation.

However, perhaps you would like to evaluate whether your interpretation is 'psudo-interpretation' or the real thing? We have developed a range of evaluation tools to test the interpretiveness of interpretive exhibits and media. You can use the following tests on panels, labels, interactive exhibits, scripts, audio and live interpretive presentations.

Try these interpretation evaluation tests!

We recommend that all interpretive exhibits, panels, scripts and other media are pre-tested prior to fabrication or launch.

We have developed a series of evaluation tests that can be undertaken at the design and pre-fabrication stage and/or later after the interpretation has been installed.

Test 1 - The HDC Interpretation Acid Test
Test 2 - The HDC Interpretive Outcomes Evaluation Test
Test 3 - The HDC Design Dwell Time Test
Test 4 - The HDC Body Language Test