National Park Heritage Interpretation Consultants

HDC International: National Park Heritage Interpretation Experts!

We love national parks. Without them the heritage interpretation profession probably wouldn't exist!

HDC International has been involved in an ever-growing number of heritage interpretation projects in some wonderful national parks around the world. We have trained guides and park rangers in Colombia, Ghana and Finland, delivered interpretive planning projects in the UK, Nigeria and the USA and designed and built interptretive visitor experiences in India, Canada and Chile...yes we get around a bit!

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National parks present a number of challenges for the interpreter.

Often visitor engagement and interpretation are a low priority for national parks. With deminishing budgets and limited resources, national park management teams are forced to focus more effort on site management than the visitor experience.

And that is a shame, because interpretation is the most powerful management tool there is!

Not only does good interpretation educate the visitor about national park resources, it can also make them care about the national park in a deeply profound way, and encourage them to behave whilst in the national park in a responsible way which helps reduce maintenance and management costs.HDC are the world’s leading national park heritage interpretation experts. Unlike other interpretation consulting firms that offer interpretive services for national parks, the HDC team are highly qualified, professionally trained, National Park Service accredited and we have over 30 years experience working with hundreds of national parks around the world.

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