Why use a nasty, environmentally harmful GRP panels and signs that are easy to damage, scratch, chip, craze, delaminate, fade, fog & vandalize when you can use an HDC Fossil HPL interpretive panel or sign instead?
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HDC Fossil Interpretation Panels & Signs

HDC Fossil dHPL: The world's most durable interpretive panels and signs

All too often we see failing GRP, acrylic, enamel, melamine and polycarbonate interpretive panels and interpretive signs that are suffering from the ravages of the environment, UV fading, delamination and vandalism.

They may have looked pretty when first installed, but unfortunately they were manufactured to an inappropriate specification using outdated technology.

No wonder they just don't last!

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HDC Fossil manufacture the most durable indoor interpretive panels and outdoor interpretive panels on the market.

HDC Fossil dHPL interpretive panels and interpretive signs are tough, durable, vandal resistant, eco-friendly, inexpensive and built to survive for a long, long, long, long time.

...oh yes, and they are GUARANTEED for 10 years!

HDC Fossil dHPL Outdoor & Indoor Interpretive Panels & Interpretive Sign

The fact is it costs valuable time, money and effort to develop an interpretive panel or interpretive sign;

Planning, researching, designing, copy writing, photography, fabricating and installing an interpretive panel or interpretive sign – you need to know that your interpretive panel or interpretive sign is going to be around for a while!
The reality is that most interpretive panels and interpretive signs on the market aren’t fit for purpose. Most interpretive panels & interpretive signs are easily damaged, fade, chip, delaminate, crack, turn milky or opaque, get vandalised....Most interpretive panels & interpretive signs just don’t last.

HDC Fossil interpretive panels & signs combine the most advanced graphic imaging with the proven durability of advanced High Pressure Laminate.

Using extreme heat and pressure, the final product is a permanent fusion of image and High Pressure Laminate that can never separate, crack peel or delaminate.

Don't be confused - our panels are not the common inferior fiberglass interpretive panels you usually come across in the UK. Our interpretive panels & interpretive signs are made from a superior specification High Pressure Laminate built to the US National Parks Service standard - which is a very high standard indeed!

HDC Fossil interpretive panels & interpretive signs are totally impervious to moisture, and are extremely resistant to UV rays, heat, cold, scratching, impact, cigarette burns and graffiti..

....in fact, they’re so durable we guarantee them for 10 years!

Even in the harshest conditions, the original beauty of your High Pressure Laminate HDC Fossil interpretive panel or interpretive sign will live on and on and on....

The world’s most durable interpretive panels & interpretive signs now feature the world’s most advanced printing

Invented by Fossil Industries, the 12-Colour HD Printing™ creates interpretive panels & interpretive signs that are clearly better.

This revolutionary printing process delivers superior clarity, more intense colours, bright whites, solid blacks and a vastly expanded colour gamut that cannot be achieved with normal 8-colour printing.

It’s like comparing HDTV to regular TV!

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