Zoos, aquariums and wildlife park interpretation consultants

Zoos, Aquarium & Wildlife Park Interpretation Consultants

Over the years the HDC International team has worked on a fair number of heritage interpretation and tourism planning, development and exhibit design projects at zoos, aquariums and wildlife parks around the world.

We have been involved in everything from training zoo wardens and guides in the art of live interpretation, to developing zoo, aquarium and wildlife park interpretation plans to designing, fabricating and installing interpretive media and interactive exhibits.

To protect our natural world, people need to care about it. People only care about something if they have experienced it.

We work with zoos to develop up-to-date strategies for providing and promoting positive zoo, aquarium and wildlife park experiences for visitors to understand animal behaviour, natural habitats and how the modern world impacts the long-term survival of the planets wildlife.

Zoos we have helped include:

  • Dudley Zoo, UK
  • National Zoological Park of Delhi, India
  • Chhatbir Zoo, Zirakpur, India
  • Colchester Zoo, UK
  • Woburn Safari Park, UK
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, USA
  • Tampas Lowry Park Zoo, USA
  • Chester Zoo, UK

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