DOPPS BirdLife Slovenia Association, Slovenia

DOPPS BirdLife Slovenia Association interpretation training

Provided an interpretive training session on interpretive planning for "interpretive trails" for a short bird-watching trail at the area of Ljubljansko barge.

DOPPS BirdLife Slovenia is a national, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was established in 1979. Since then, DOPPS has brought together over 1,000 members from all parts of Slovenia to help preserving and enhancing Slovenia’s diverse bird populations. The mission of DOPPS is to protect birds and their habitats through conservation work, research, education, popularisation and co-operation with other non-governmental and governmental organisations.

The office leads most of the projects with 18 full-time employees, while about 200 active volunteers support the projects and other activities of DOPPS. DOPPS is a partner of BirdLife International in Slovenia. Through the partnership a lot of knowledge, know-how and conservation tools are gained as well as strong international support is provided.

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