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Naturealm, Summit County Metro-Parks, OH, USA

Provide interpretive exhibit planning and design consultation services for Naturealm's new interpretive exhibit project. JV developed the interpretive master plan for Naturealm last year and this is follow up work to provide practical support for the exhibit design project currently under way.

Purchased in 1964, the Metro Parks 104-acre nature center and arboretum was named in honor of F. A. Seiberling, founder of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company."

Mr. Seiberling was an early member of the Board of Park Commissioners and in 1929 he gave the first of many gifts, eventually totaling more than 400 acres, to help establish Sand Run Metro Park of which the Naturealm is a part.

Naturealm has been developed as a unique place for nature study and relaxation. It is filled with unique gardens, ponds, trails and an underground nature center that is a delight for the child in everyone. We invite you to stroll this unique park and discover it's wonders. To help you do so, we have developed a tour of sorts that will take you to its most beautiful areas.