HDC EcoGraphic CHPL Interpretation Panels, Boards & Signs

HDC EcoGraphic CHPL interpretation panels, boards & signs

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Our HDC EcoGraphic Custom High Pressure Laminate (or 'CHPL') interpretation panels, boards and signs are the toughest, most durable, most vandal resistant, most eco friendly, most cost effective interpretation panels on the market!

It takes time and money to plan, research, write, illustrate, design, test, fabricate and install interpretation boards around your site – so you will want to be sure that your interpretation panels are going to be around for a while!

The fact is that many of the interpretation panel materials available on the market today are really not fit for purpose; many are unkind to the planet, have a short life-span and are easily damaged; the printed colours in many graphic interpretation panel material tend to go milky, bleach or fade. Some common interpretive panel laminate materials such as acrylic, GRP and fibreglass crack, chip, delaminate, turn opaque and are easily scratched and vandalised with paint or ink (see our "panel disasters" page).

HDC EcoGraphic Custom High Pressure Laminate Interpretation Panels

HDC EcoGraphic CHPL interpretation panels, boards and signs combine the most advanced graphic imaging with the proven durability of advanced digital Custom High Pressure Laminate (CHPL).

Using extreme heat and pressure, the final product is a permanent, solid fusion of image layers and high pressure laminate substrate that can never fade, separate, crack, peel or delaminate.

Our interpretation panels and boards are colour fast and totally impervious to moisture, fire-resistant and are resistant to UV rays, heat, cold, scratching, impact, cigarette burns and graffiti...

...in fact, they’re so durable we guarantee them for a full 10 years!

HDC EcoGraphic CHPL Technical Data & Specifications

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