Benefit Based Interpretation Planning

Benefit Based Heritage Interpretation Planning

Is it worth it?

If you are going to spend precious money, time and effort developing new interpretation at your heritage site, isn't it worth taking the time to find out if you will get a reasonable return on that investment?

Benefit Based Interpretive Master Planning

Benefit based interpretive master planning is in essence an up-scaled version of outcome based interpretive master planning.

Many of our clients are not just interested in "does the visitors remember the information" or "does the audience behave in the way we want them to", they want to know if they are getting a tangible return on their investment in heritage interpretation media or service.

After all, why should you spend money on heritage interpretation if "nothing actually happens?" Surely the key aim of any heritage tourism site is to achieve a tangible outcome such as income, increase in membership, donations or some sort or educational or social intervention?

Return on Investment Interpretive Planning

HDC International benefits based heritage interpretation master planning is designed not only to focus on the visitor experience but also to predict how cost effective each proposed interpretive program, service, or media will be - i.e. your return on investment.

Our benefits based interpretive master planning approach is not just about an information transfer, but "what do we get in return for our investment of $/£/€1.00 in interpretive panels, exhibits or interpretive media"?

So next time you are thinking of updating your interpretation, think about what your return on investment might be?

Does your investment truly give you the returns you need and how will you measure that before you invest?

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