Byway with out interpretation is just a road!

Interpreting Driving Routes & Scenic Byways

A scenic byway with out interpretation is just "another pretty road"!

At first this may sound dramatic that the success of a scenic byway depends on the amount of and quality of heritage interpretation associated with it. But that statement is in fact TRUE!

To byway users, especially those who have driven the route "before" it was designated a scenic byway, it’s just a road to get to and from some place. For potential heritage tourists, it just might be a scenic route – but they will see lots of those on their trips. So what makes this scenic byway so special? That’s the job and role of the byway interpretive plan, and byway interpretive media and services.

It is the interpretive communications strategy that will help each visitor understand the unique and special stories associated with each unique byway. Interpretation reveals the story of the people, places and events that have occurred, or are occurring along the byway, and help guide visitors through a living museum of regional natural and cultural heritage.

An interpretive communications strategy changes a byway from being a transport route into a visitor experience. It gives the byway a totally unique character, personality and life and it encourages visitors to use local facilities and services which has a direct impact on the local economy.

Without interpretation, it’s just a road!