Kyabobo National Park, Nkwanta, Ghana

Kyabobo National Park

Commissioned by the Ghana National Park Service to evaluate the national park and train the park ranger team.

Kyabobo National Park (pronounced CHAY-a-bobo) is a 360-square-kilometre (140 sq mi) national park in the Volta region of Ghana on the border with Togo.

The reserve was established in 1997. Ghana's second highest mountain, Mount Dzebobo is contained within the park and offers visitors an impressive view of the Lake Volta.

The park is located in a transition zone between tropical rain forest and tree savanna. The Park's wildlife includes African bush elephants, African leopards, African buffalo, waterbuck, several primate species, bushbuck, duikers and, a symbol for the park, the rock hyrax. A park survey lists at least 500 species of butterflies and 235 birds.