Interpretation panel design and fabrication for the Great Fen

Spitfire X4593 Excavation Interpretation Project

Spitfire X4593-2 (2)
Commissioned by the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire to write, illustrate, design and fabricate interpretation panels to commemorate a newly excavated World War 2 Spitfire X4593 crash site in the Great Fen.

Spitfire X4593 of 266 Rhodesian Squadron Royal Air Force, was based at RAF Wittering; on 22 November 1940 the plane crashed near Holme Lode Farm, Holme. At the controls for what was intended to be a routine training flight was Pilot Officer Harold Penketh. During a climb to altitude with two other Spitfires he was seen to break formation entering a dive from which he failed to fully recover.

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