HDC DFCT1 & HDC DFCT2 Coin Operated Telescopes

HDC DFCT1 & HDC DFCT2 Coin Operated Telescopes

The HDC DFCT1 coin operated telescope and the HDC DFCT2 coin operated telescope are our hugely popular coin operated telescopes. Available in in either X30 or X20 magnifications. The difference between HDC DFCT1 and the HDC DFCT2 is that HDC DFCT1 comes with a mini base for mounting metal decks and on solid concrete bases and the HDC DFCT2 is fitted with a full base for mounting on wooden decks. Our coin operated telescopes are hand built to order by our optical engineers and shipped anywhere in the world.


  • Nikon quality optical lenses with multi layers of anti-glare coating
  • Filled with nitrogen gas for fog-free viewing
  • Dust resistant protective glass
  • Focusing from 25m to infinity
  • Objective lens diameter 80mm
  • Choice of 2 magnifications: x20 or x30
  • High twilight factor for excellent image quality night viewing (30 X 80 = 48.98 / 25 X 80 = 44.72 / 20 X 80 = 40.00)
  • Telescopic wide-angle viewing
  • Weatherproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be turned in 360º horizontally and +30º, -45º vertically
  • High grade cast-alloy body
  • Choice of bases: DFCT1 - Fitted with mini-base / DFCT2 - Fitted with full-base
  • Three layers of fade, peel and chip resistant coating
  • Invisible money box lock
  • Two layers of protection from theft
  • Acceptable for foreign coins
  • Adjustable viewing time
  • Long battery life (x2AA)
  • Easy installation
  • 3-year warranty
  • Worldwide shipping



With the HDC DF range you have a choice of 2 magnification:

X30 Magnification

  • Narrow angle lens with a field of view of 41m at 1000m or 135ft at 1093yds
  • Twilight factor of: 48.98
  • Most popular choice.
  • Maximum magnification best for viewing long distance subjects or focusing on fine, close-up detail.
  • Ideal for sea views, city-scapes and mountain vistas.

X20 Magnification

  • Wide angle lens with a field of view of 61m at 1000m or 200ft at 1093yds
  • Twilight factor of: 40.00
  • Best for viewing subjects less than 1km away.
  • Ideal for wildlife watching.

Coin Chute:

What coin do you want the coin chute to take? We can adjust the coin chute to take most coins in circulation today.

Coin Counter:

If you are opting for a coin operated model you may want to look at the optional coin counter to keep a track of income? Find out more here…

Angle Limiters:

In some urban locations it is desirable to maintain privacy of local residents by limiting where the telescope or binoculars can point. We can limit both the horizontal rotation and elevation angle, or we can even lock-down the head in a fixed position. Find out more here…

Colour Finishes:

Our DF range of scopes come in the standard Ivory White powder coated finish, however we can finish them any RAL or Pantone colour you like at an additional cost. Find out more here…

Memorial Plaques:

Do you need a hand engraved plaque dedicating your telescope or binoculars to an individual, group or event? We can engrave and install commemorative plaques at an additional cost. Find out more here…


Do you need a step to allow children and smaller individuals to use the telescope or binocular? We offer the DF401 Half Step or the DF302 Ring Step. Find out more about the DF401 here. And find out more about the DF302 here.

Disabled Access:

Do you need wheelchair accessible telescopes or binoculars? We offer a single wheelchair accessible base or a dual head base. Find out more here…

Interpretation Panels:

An interpretation view panel located next to the scope explaining what can be seen can increase usage by around 65%. We offer or graphic panels, fittings and frames ,and full planning, writing, illustration and design service.

Contact us to get a quote and discuss your requirements.