HDC HS-HS -VIS20 Non-coin Binoculars

HDC HS -VIS20 Non-coin Binoculars

The HDC HS -VIS20 non coin operated binoculars are a high-end binocular developed for choice for home installations. The HDC HS - VIS20 non coin operated binoculars is an all-weather scope suitable for all climates. Equipped with automatic focus the 20X magnification allows for a wide panoramic view and the 60mm objective lens ensures clear and bright viewing even in low light conditions.

The HDC HS -VIS20 non coin operated binoculars comes with standard pedestal base for easy installation on wood, metal or concrete surfaces. Alternatively, the HDC HS -VIS20 non coin operated binoculars can be fitted 12" high standing ring or to our ADA / DDA compliant handicap base, our dual head base.


- Designed for home use
- Lightweight, all aluminium construction
- 4” Fluted column
- X20 magnification
- Optical design lenses with multi layers of anti-glare coating
- Dust resistant protective glass
- Weatherproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- High grade cast-alloy body
- Fitted with mini-base
- Easy installation
- 5-year warranty
- Worldwide shipping


- X20 magnification
- Manual focus
- Binocular, wide-angle viewing - 120 feet at 1000 yards
- 60mm objective lens
- 360º rotation (can be modified on request)
- +/- 30º elevation
- Overall height: 5” 3” / 1615mm
- Eye height: 5” / 1524mm
- Weight: 70lbs / 31.75kg
- Standard colours: textured black with silver head or silver with silver head (other colours available at an additional cost)

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