HDC Fossil CHPL: The greenest interpretation panels on the market!

HDC Fossil CHPL: Environmentally Friendly Interpretation Panels, Boards & Signs

The World's Greenest Interpretation Panels!

Why would you use nasty, toxic, environmentally harmful GRP , fiberglass, vinyl, polycarbonate or acrylic interpretation panels, boards and signs that damage the environment, when you can use HDC Fossil CHPL environmentally friendly interpretation panels instead?

HDC Fossil CHPL Eco Friendly Interpretation Panel Initiative

Our commitment as a responsible interpretation panel fabrication company is to produce beautiful environmentally friendly interpretation panels and eco-friendly interpretation boards that are safe and good for the planet.

Unlike GRP fiberglass interpretation panels manufacturers, we don’t use nasty, environmentally harmful chemicals such as urea-formaldehyde, styrene, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP), benzoyl-peroxide, urea-methanol and so on. These resins have a high content of volatile organic compounds, which escape into the atmosphere during the drying and curing process and for many years after. These oil-based chemicals are damaging to the planet, resource hungry to produce, highly toxic, very flammable and under the right conditions, explosive!

HDC Fossil CHPL Environmentally Friendly Interpretation Panels, Boards and Signs

  • HDC Fossil CHPL interpretation panels and signs are certified by the "Leadership in Energy and Design" (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

  • HDC Fossil CHPL eco-friendly interpretation panels are "GREENGUARD" certified.

  • 100% of the paper used in the production of our green interpretation panels is recycled and chlorine free!

  • We have totally eliminated environmentally harmful silk screen printing process from our eco-friendly interpretation panels, boards and signs.

  • We only use environmentally friendly water based inks in the production of our green environmentally friendly interpretation panels, boards and signs

  • HDC Fossil CHPL environmentally-friendly interpretive panels are guaranteed for 10-years, with a total life expectancy of 25-years which helps to reduce the overall impact on earth’s resources.

  • As a green interpretation panel manufacturer we rigorously adhere to strict air and water emissions requirements in the manufacturing process.

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