HDC & SeeCoast

HDC are the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of coin operated telescopes, coin operated binoculars, tourist telescopes, tourist binoculars, viewing telescopes, viewing binoculars, observation telescopes and observation binoculars! For over 10-years HDC has been the exclusive international agent and re-seller for SeeCoast telescopes.

SeeCoast, Binoculars, Viewers & Telescopes

Established in 1960, SeeCoast (not SeaCoast!) are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hand-built, high-quality coin operated and non-coin operated telescope and binoculars.

For over 50 years SeeCoast coin operated and non coin operated telescope and binoculars have been installed in some of the world’s best known tourist attractions, theme parks, cities, zoos and national parks in over 80 countries around the globe.

SeeCoast coin operated and non-coin operated telescopes and binoculars are the scope of choice because of the classic style, robust design and remarkable record of durability and reliability - 97% of the SeeCoast telescopes and binoculars sold over the last 57 years remain in reliable operation year, after year, after year.

SeeCoast take pride in their high manufacturing standards and their reputation for outstanding durability, excellent customer service standards and their ongoing commitment to quality.

SeeCoast coin operated telescopes and binoculars are designed to spend years outdoors subjected to adverse weather and public abuse. They are manufactured from high quality materials are totally sealed against corrosion. With minimum maintenance, our coin operated telescopes and coin operated binocular are built to last indefinitely.

The precision of our machined coin operated telescopes and binoculars are to aerospace standards. The optics are precision ground lenses with prisms that are hard coated and protected by tamper-proof optically flat surfaces that prevent replacement due to vandalism.

SeeCoast offer full, half and wheelchair accessible bases for all our coin operated telescopes and binoculars. To meet special installation requirements or to maintain architectural harmony, they offer free standing units with full weighted bases and custom mounting.

Installation of SeeCoast telescopes and binoculars is simple and does not require any special tools. The telescope or binocular head arrives in a carton ready to attach to the base by means of a lock and key. The base arrives ready to bolt to the surface. Once installed the coin operated telescope or binocular is ready for operation.

Whether you select our 10x coin operated binocular viewer for a wide field of vision or our 20x coin operated telescope for distant viewing, you can be assured that you have selected the finest optics available for coin-operated or non-coin operated viewers.

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