Heritage Tourism Destination Marketing & Promotion

Heritage Tourism Destination Marketing & Promotion

Heritage Tourism Destination Marketing & Promotion

Without a doubt effective tourism marketing is a critical aspects of any heritage tourism site or tourism destination. Marketing brings in visitors, gets them to spend money and encourages them to return again, and again.

We have a vast amount of experience marketing and promoting heritage tourism destination to FIT, special interest, business and trade in both domestic and international markets.

Due to the fragile nature of heritage destinations, our approach is to focus in low volume, high quality markets resulting in lower footprints and a higher financial impacts. We do this using by creating customer-unique values using the “mass customisation and market of one“ methodology developed by us, based on the work of Professor’s James Gilmore and Professor Joseph Pine.

We tend to focus marketing channels through web and SEO, social media, social networking, PR and targeting areas of specific special interest which is a more cost effective approach than traditional marketing campaigns giving our customers better returns on their investment.

HDC International offers a wide variety of heritage tourism marketing services aimed at heritage tourism destinations and businesses requiring help to plan and implement their domestic and overseas heritage tourism marketing goals.

  • Promoting to domestic and international travel trade
  • Social media campaigns
  • Special interest marketing
  • Awareness and PR campaigns
  • Brochure and leaflet production
  • Exhibition services
  • Website development, SEO and E-commerce
  • Mobile phone apps

We make available the services of experienced heritage tourism marketing experts who have direct senior management responsibility for planning and implementing heritage tourism marketing programs and projects around the world.

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