Heritage Interpretation Graphic Design

Interpretation graphic design experts!

If your interpretation is boring, then you can be sure of one thing....it’s NOT interpretive!

Unfortunately, a lot of so-called "heritage interpretation" isn't actually interpretive - it's just "information". Poorly designed interpretation with lots and lots of boring facts, figures, pictures, dates, statistics and words that are meaningless to the visitor. All too often poorly designed interpretation tries to "answer" questions that visitors are just not asking. Real interpretation, and good interpretive design is planned and created to be exciting, provocative, revealing and memorable!

The HDC team have been planning, writing and designing 'really good' heritage interpretation exhibits, panels, labels, boards and media for over 30 years!

We are qualified interpretive designers; we are fully equipped with the latest design software and we work to a set of interpretive standards to ensure our designs really interpretive.

Our work designing interpretation for historic, environmental and cultural projects is incredibly diverse:

We have designed leaflets for the Glamorgan Heritage Coast in Wales and brochures for the Forestry Service in South Korea. Designed indoor interpretation panel work for the Pioneer Museum Patagonia, Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki and Woburn Abbey in England. We’ve designed wayside interpretation panels, orientation and signs for countless historic trails, geology trails, coastal trails, nature trails, forest trails, mountain trails, cultural trails, city trails, hiking trails, cycling trails, bare-foot trails and even canoe trails!

We’ve designed interpretive media for archaeological sites in Anglesey, Cambridgeshire and Belize; Roman sites in Norfolk, Tunisia and Jordan and historic churches and religious sites in Canada, Chile and India.

We’ve designed interpretation for Nottingham Castle, Oakham Castle, Tamworth Castle, Ogmore Castle and the ten Fort of Valdivia in Chile. we've designed interpretive media for nature reserves in Cambridgeshire, Ghana the USA, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Jordan, and Slovenia....

This doesn’t include all the maps we have created, the illustrations we have drawn or interactive exhibits we have designed.

By any standards a vast portfolio of work from around the world.

So next time you are planning an interpretive design project, contact us and discover how we can turn your ideas into really good interpretation!