Heritage interpretation map design

Heritage Interpretation Map Design

Map making is part and parcel of our interpretive design service. We have created hundreds of maps for clients around the world. You can see some of our maps below...

1D or 3D?

With maps there are two way to go; You can go for a traditional flat, one dimensional map, or you can opt for a 3D birds-eye view relief map.

Hikers, and people who regularly work with, or in landscapes are very used to Ordinance Survey cartography or other single
dimensional flat maps, however there are not very user friendly for the average visitor on a day out to a heritage site!

Research HDC International has undertaken over the last 10-years clearly shows that a 3D birds-eye view map is 10 times more effective as an
orientation tool for the average visitor. The simple reason is that as human beings we see the world in 3D and we navigate our
way in the world by looking for landmarks and shapes in the landscape.

By using a map that graphically represents the landmarks and shapes we will see exactly what we are going to see. A one dimensional overhead graphic representation is a much harder concept to process as first the brain has to analyse the visual data and then translate it into what it might look like at eye level based on our previous experience.

To create our 3D birds-eye view maps we use the Garmin Satellite system which takes three-dimensional images of the earth every 24 hours and in detail 80 times greater than can be found on the Google Map system.

This image is three-dimensional and can be rotated so you can see the landscape at different elevations and angles. This data is then rendered into a series of accurate map layers or can be developed into a 3D image...or even a topographical model.

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