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HDC International: museum heritage interpretation experts!

HDC International is a leading museum heritage interpretation consulting firm. Our team are highly trained, professionally qualified, and accredited, interpretation experts that have over 30-years experience developing interpretive exhibits for museums around the world.

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Museum Interpretation

Museum interpretation presents a number of particular challenges for the interpreter. Traditionally museum interpretation hasn’t been at the forefront of museum presentations. What many museums optimistically call interpretation, is in fact “information", which is a different thing altogether! (see Tilden’s Principles).

Many museums we work with are filled with wonderful collections of “dead peoples things”; inert objects that often make little connection to the audience. What we need to do as interpreters is bring these dusty trasures to life in a way that engages and inspires the audience in a deeply profound way. The thing to remember is that interpretation isnt in the artefacts itself, interpretation its in the story of the artefact.

Only through effective museum interpretation can you make that meaningful connection that helps people learn from, and care about your museum exhibits and motivate them to react to them in a particular way.

If you need help in planning and developing your museum interpretation...and you want it done right, speak to us and discover why we are the very best at what we do.