Benefits of Heritage Interpretation

Benefits Heritage Interpretation Brings to Heritage Sites

Heritage interpretation isn't just the icing on the cake for a heritage site...
It IS the cake!

The following are 12 good reasons why heritage interpretation is a critical element in the success or failure of heritage sites...

  • Heritage interpretation demonstrates how a heritage site has value to the visitor.
  • Heritage interpretation can inspire visitors and create a sense of individual and community pride.
  • Heritage interpretation is the reason that visitors come to the heritage site. They pay good money for the the story and site experience.
  • Without heritage interpretation historic sites are, in the eyes of the visitor, just another OLD site!
  • Heritage interpretation gets visitors to CARE about heritage.
  • Heritage interpretation programs, events and services are the reasons visitors return to heritage sites.
  • Heritage interpretation programs, events and services can increase visitation by increasing the perception of BENEFITS tourists receive by going to a particular heritage site.
  • Heritage interpretation programs, events and services can produce reductions in site maintenance, and reduce negative management issues when used as a management tool.
  • Well designed heritage interpretation presentations and programs increases visitor dwell time increasing the need for catering and shop sales.
  • Heritage interpretation provides added value to any heritage tourism experience, and heritage site marketing efforts.
  • You cannot have heritage tourism without heritage interpretation. Heritage tourism is dependent upon the story of the site and the willingness of visitors to want to travel to see, learn about and experience the site.
  • Heritage interpretation brings in more visitors, more repeat visitors and more income.
  • Heritage interpretation helps visitors create their own unique choice of ways to experience and learn about a site and its story.