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From interpretation planning and evaluation to writing and design - discover our extensive range of heritage interpretation services delivered by trained and qualified experts!


Heritage Interpretation Products

Interpretation panel materials, frames, fixtures and fittings - explore our extensive range of interpretation products built to last using environmentally friendly materials.


Coin and Non-coin Operated Telescopes and Binoculars

Discover the world's biggest range of coin operated and non-coin operated public use telescopes and binoculars.


HDC International - the heritage interpretation experts!

HDC International is a consulting and delivery firm that specializes in the field of heritage interpretation and heritage tourism. We provide a wide range of heritage interpretation products and services to private and public sector clients around the world. Our customers range from archaeological and historic sites, nature and wildlife preserves, national parks, visitor attractions, museums, heritage centres, tourism designation partnerships, local, regional and national governments and heritage and nature agencies and other NGO’s.

Our team of highly trained and qualified team of heritage interpretation experts have 30 or more years’ experience, working on many hundreds of heritage tourism and interpretation projects, in over 40 countries around the world.

HDC International (Heritage Destination Consulting Ltd) is based in North Norfolk in the UK. Our sister company; HDC Americas Inc. is based in Wilmington, Delaware in the USA. We have 2 further satellite offices; one in New Delhi in India, and the other in Osorno in Chile’s Northern Patagonia.

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Complete range of heritage interpretation products & services
We are proud to offer our customers a complete range of heritage interpretation products and services from simple site assessments and evaluation, heritage interpretation planning, heritage interpretation training and interpretation writing, illustration and design, exhibit and panel fabrication to full blown heritage interpretation systems master planning, interpretation project management and turn-key exhibit builds.

- Interpretation Panels, Boards and Signs
- Metal interpretation panel lectern frames, cantilever frames and pedestals
- Wood interpretation panel lectern frames and pedestals
- Bespoke interpretation panel frames and pedestals
- Metal notice boards and cabinets
- Wood notice boards and cabinets
- Fixtures & fittings
- Environmentally Friendly HDC EcoGraphic HPL Graphic Panels
- Environmentally Friendly HDC Fossil HPL Graphic Panels
- HDC Vitreous Enamel Signs
- Vinyl interpretation panels
- CNC routed wood signs
- Sand blasted wood signs
- Cast metal signs
- HDC DF range of coin operated and non coin operated telescopes and binoculars
- HDC SC range of coin operated and non coin operated telescopes and binoculars
- HDC HS range of coin operated and non coin operated telescopes and binoculars
- Audio interpretation boxes
- Exhibit stands and cases
- Bespoke interactive exhibits
- Interactive interpretation apps i-Phone & Android
- Augmented reality interpretation

- Heritage interpretation evaluation and audits
- Heritage site assessments
- Interpretation planning
- Interpretation master planning
- Interpretation systems planning
- Interpretation strategy development
- Exhibit evaluation
- Project management
- Heritage interpretation training
- Interpretation research
- Exhibit pre-testing
- Interpretation exhibit design
- Interpretation writing
- Interpretation design
- Map design
- Interpretation photography
- Graphic interpretation illustration
- Artistic interpretation illustration
- Exhibit fit-out and installation
- Interpretation Graphic Design
- Installation and Fit-out

- Heritage tourism destination development
- Heritage destination audits & assessments
- Tourism destination product development
- Heritage tourism destination planning
- Destination strategy & policy development
- Grant writing and administration
- Tourism partnership development
- Tourism project management
- Interpreting UNESCO world heritage sites
- Interpreting trails
- Interpreting zoos, aquarium & wildlife parks
- Interpreting cemeteries
- Interpreting museums
- Interpreting national parks
- Interpreting maritime history & lighthouses
- Interpreting churches and religious sites
- Interpreting railway heritage
- Interpreting archaeological sites
- Interpreting environmental sites
- Interpreting historic houses
- Interpreting nature and wildlife
- Interpreting historical towns & cities

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